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Growing the Quantum Workforce.

Launched by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation, Q-12 is a consortium that will expand access to K-12 quantum learning tools and inspire the next generation of quantum leaders.


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Upcoming Teacher Workshop at AAPT section meeting

3/23/2021 | community event
Upcoming Teacher Workshop at AAPT section meeting

The organization Quantum for All has upcoming quantum education workshops for teachers at the AAPT section meeting in April. More information can be found at their website https://quantumforall.org/.

Registration information:

April 10, 2021: Sessions are being presented as part of the Texas Section AAPT spring meeting.  Registration for the meeting gives access to the workshops below as well as any other workshops or sessions.  Workshop/sessions will be virtual but synchronous.  Registration link: https://www.tsaapt.net


NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Advancing Quantum Education and Workforce Development

12/23/2020 | funding opportunity
NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Advancing Quantum Education and Workforce Development

NSF releases a Dear Colleague Letter on Quantum Education and Workforce Development, encouraging submissions in these areas to EHR programs.

National Q-12 Education Partnership Kickoff

12/7/2020 | general announcement
National Q-12 Education Partnership Kickoff

On October 7, 2020 from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM, the National Q-12 Education Partnership, in coordination with the White Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation, held its kick-off meeting.  More information https://q12education.org/q12kickoff

NSF Announces Partnership for Quantum Education

8/5/2020 | general announcement
NSF Announces Partnership for Quantum Education

The U.S. National Science Foundation and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy are spearheading the National Q-12 Education Partnership with industry and academia to provide training and tools to students ready to become the future quantum workforce. This initiative expands quantum education to students in middle and high school across the country. Full story https://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/announcements/080520.jsp

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Making Connections across QIS Education for Workforce Development


  Self-guided Learning Tools

We want learners to have direct access to online quantum education opportunities. We will collect, link to, and collaboratively support the creation of new digital learning tools, and help these critical elements make their way into learning spaces. This includes tools from members of the National Q-12 Education Partnership and the broader QIS education community, such as games, videos, zines, and interactive learning experiences. In addition, companies from the partnership have also committed to providing resources, such as access to early-stage software for programming quantum computers over the cloud.

  Course Materials

Education professionals are designing K-12 and early collegiate modules for introducing QIS and related topics in a variety of contexts, many of which could be integrated into mathematics, physics, and computer science courses. Professional societies offer materials, such as  APS's PhysicsQuest kits for middle school classrooms and OSA's Optics for Kids, which introduces optics and the science of light. Our site will highlight course materials in quantum information science, as well as background information for educators to support them as they integrate modules into their classrooms, whether online or in person.  We will also organize workshops to bring the community together, expand upon the Key Concepts, help identify what's missing in QIS education, and further develop material.  


Are you interested in learning more about what quantum information scientists really do?  QIS scientists make critical contributions working in companies, professional societies, academia, and government. This program and partnership will provide information on pathways towards the many different careers in QIS. We will also help connect potential speakers and mentors from the current QIS workforce with educators and schools.


Opportunities for the public to engage in QIS are popping up around the nation. We will post internship opportunities and outreach events as they become available to the community. We will also work with the community to help make connections between students, student mentors, educators and future employers. 

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Who We Are


The National Q-12 Education Partnership includes tech companies, scientific professional societies, academics, and the NSF-funded Q2Work Program. Together, we aim to support and grow a quantum workforce that is diverse and equitable, such that the QIS innovators of tomorrow can make discoveries, invent new technologies and drive societal change.  We want to increase opportunities, access, and quality of age-appropriate QIS educational experiences for students from all backgrounds.