Careers in Quantum Science

What does it mean to work in quantum information science? How can you get there? Here, we will share stories of people working in quantum, as well as information on how to prepare for a job in this exciting area of STEM.


"Even if you have never thought about science as a career for yourself, but you like science or do well in your classes or you like math or find problem-solving a fun thing to do...I would totally encourage you to pursue it..."

Dr. Joelle Corrigan, Physicist



Adventures in Quantum Computing

This video series introduces STEM learners to the field of Quantum Computing through a few fun interviews with actual Intel Engineers, Physicists and App and Architecture Directors .

Each video features different professionals working in quantum computing at Intel: 

  • Dr. Stephanie Bojarski is a process integration engineer with a background in materials science and engineering.
  • Dr. Roza Kotlyar is a research scientist and physicist.
  • Dr. Anne Matsuura is the Director of Quantum Applications and Architecture and a physicist.
  • Dr. Jessica Torres is a materials engineer with a background in chemical engineering.

The series was provided and produced by Intel Foundation as part of the National Q-12 Education Partnership.




Physicists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology share their perspectives on quantum science

Dr. Gretchen Campbell, NIST Physicist and Co-Director of the Joint Quantum Institute


Dr. Paulina Kuo, NIST Physicist


Dr. Alan Migdall, NIST Physicist