Careers in Quantum Information Science and Engineering

What does it mean to work in quantum information science? How can you get there?

Majoring in a STEM area, like physics, computer science, electrical engineering, and chemistry can set you on a path to a career in Quantum Information Science and Engineering. This area is active and growing, and we need lots of people with different backgrounds for discovery, design, and innovation. On this page we will share information about employers, real people working in quantum-related jobs, and career fields. We will also add tips on how to prepare for a career in this exciting area of STEM.

Meet Professionals Working in Quantum Science

Dr. Roza Kotlyar is a research scientist and physicist.

Dr. Anne Matsuura is the Director of Quantum Applications and Architecture and a physicist.

Dr. Jessica Torres is a materials engineer with a background in chemical engineering.

Dr. Stephanie Bojarski is a process integration engineer with a background in materials science and engineering.