qBraid.com offers an online platform for learning about quantum information and programming on quantum computers. It is targeted at different levels, spanning high school, undergraduate. For example, non-quantum learners may visit qbook.qbraid.com/learn to access an introductory course, which does not require signing in to the service. According to the creators, some familiarity with probability and vectors is helpful, along with a familiarity with coding in python.

In other modes, users are required to set up an account. Courses are made up of various notebooks which contain coding exercises for programming quantum computers. Students can run the code from within the notebooks, which provides them a hands-on experience. Additionally, students can use the integrated development environment (IDE) on qBraid to develop their own projects. qBraid includes features for collaboration on projects and sharing with the community.

qBriad has been used by various high-school programs, quantum computing boot camps, quantum computing hackathons and workshops. The creators collect user feedback, which is not published but used to improve content and features.

Creators: Andrea Coladangelo, Kanav Setia, Jason Necaise, Erik Weis.

Link: Home (qbraid.com)

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