Interested in supporting Q-12?

There are many ways to support the Q-12 community! We especially recommend working with teachers and community partners to maximize your impact. Here are some ways you and your organization can help.


Sponsor teachers and kits

We have partnered with Optica Foundation to create a tiered fund that directly supports teacher training in quantum science and materials for classroom. For more information, view the tiers and contact

Support IYQ

In 2025 we will celebrate a century of quantum mechanics. It marks 100 years since critical papers were published and sparked a revolution. Reach out to IYQ to learn how you can support quantum education.

About Our Partners

Q-12 Partners commit to actions that support the growth of quantum education across the nation. We especially focus on teachers. Example partner commitments include creating career highlights and other media, sponsoring kits and learning events, providing access to free materials, and building the network. Interested in partnering? Reach out to us by email to discuss!

Collaborating Institutions and Programs


University of California Santa-Barbara

Joint Quantum Institute

Chicago Quantum Exchange



About Q2Work

Q2Work is a member of the National Q-12 Education Partnership and provides coordination and leadership, to ultimately facilitate the community in its efforts to bring QIS into the classroom and other learning environments. This NSF-funded program is led by Dr. Emily Edwards (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Prof. Diana Franklin (University of Chicago), and Prof. Chandralekha Singh (University of Pittsburgh) that provides support for the QIS education ecosystem through digital tools, outreach and collaborative workshops. The major components of Q2Work are an online QIS education hub to showcase and contextualize all education efforts happening across the QIS ecosystem and a cohesive set of workshops to advance the development of K-12 QIS education resources. This project is motivated by the need for connecting learners and educators with high-quality, age-appropriate QIS resources. It is imperative that these resources are readily available to the community, and that education programs be identified and implemented at an appropriate stage.

The activities will enable the education community to take concrete collaborative steps towards making changes to curricula and implementing tools that increase awareness, intuition, and literacy in quantum information science at the K-12 level and ultimately across all ages and learning environments. Q2Work supports the development of a quantum workforce, which necessarily draws on a range of disciplines, including physics, computer science, mathematics, engineering, chemistry and materials science. This initiative also seeks to expand education opportunities for under-served communities and increase the participation of underrepresented groups in QIS.