Textbook: Introduction to Classical and Quantum Computing

This resource is a textbook was used in an undergraduate course at Creighton University. It is based on lecture notes and homework problems from a course taught by Prof. Thomas Wong during 2018 and 2020. Some of the introductory material may be appropriate for AP High School students. It uses Dirac notation, as well as some linear algebra, but introduces these concepts within the text. Thus, understanding these concepts is not a prerequisite for users of this textbook. At present, the textbook has not been formally used by high school teachers, but there are reviews online for the book. The textbook covers fundamentals in quantum computing, including some physics. Later chapters include information on quantum careers and STEM. The book is free and while it mentions a product by the author (a game on quantum computing), purchasing that product is not required as part of the course presented within the textbook.

Link to download PDF of book: introduction-to-classical-and-quantum-computing-1e4p.pdf (thomaswong.net)

Publisher: Rooted Grove

Link to author site: https://www.thomaswong.net/

Wong is a physicist and computer scientist, who previously taught High School. He is currently serving in the National Quantum Coordination Office and as a program manager at the Department of Energy. This resource was created in his capacity as a professor and prior to his time in government service. The inclusion of this resource should not be construed as an endorsement by either of these entities.

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