Upcoming Teacher Workshop at AAPT section meeting
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March 23, 2021

The organization Quantum for All has upcoming quantum education workshops for teachers at the AAPT section meeting in April. More information can be found at their website https://quantumforall.org/.

Session information:

April 10, 2021: Sessions are being presented as part of the Texas Section AAPT spring meeting.  Registration for the meeting gives access to the workshops below as well as any other workshops or sessions.  Workshop/sessions will be virtual but synchronous.  Registration link: https://www.tsaapt.net

10-noon (CST): The Power of Quantum Computing: Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm. Presented by Alice Flarend. This workshop will use the concept of an interferometer to demonstrate this algorithm, showing the gain in efficiency from quantum computing due to superposition.  This workshop is suitable for both high school and introductory college physics.  No prior knowledge of quantum computing or quantum principles are required. 

2:15-3:45 (CST): The Two Golden Rules of Quantum Mechanics. Presented by John Donohue, Institute for Quantum Computing. The quantum concepts of superposition and measurement uncertainty can be intimidating to discuss without any hands-on way to teach them. However, they’re absolutely essential for students to understand when considering future technologies based on quantum physics. In this workshop, we’ll learn how to connect light polarization to superposition and measurement, and how these concepts link to the powerful technology of quantum cryptography.

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